Social Art Happening


A project by BROCCOLI Art Group:
Cym, Evelin Stermitz, Maki Stolberg, Eva Ursprung, Ales Zemene.
Concept and video / photography room installation by Evelin Stermitz.
Sound collage by Ales Zemene. Sax improvisation by Eva Ursprung.
Shop assistance: Cym, Maki Stolberg, Veronika Dreier and Baodo Crew.

This nightshop has been installed by photographs and video. The visitors are called to enter the room by entering into the video and shop products on plastic sheets from the wall. By entering this artistic shopping room people should think about choice and consumer habits. At the exit the visitors are asked about shopping and their statements are written into a so called cash book. Instead of paying for the choosen product, the visitors are exchanging something out of their bags (whatever) and put it on the wall instead of the picture. So the wall with the photo products changes into an installation of real things created by the visitors.