The End of the World!

4th Contemporary Art Exhibition
curated by Piera Nodari

Cultural Association Ateneo delle Idee
President Roberta Bignozzi

Via Asquini, Udine, Italy
8 - 16 September 2007


End of the World Stream
Mixed Media Installation

by BROCCOLI Art Group



End of the World Stream
from the Garden of the VISIONARIO

12 lost surveillance birds are watching the world go down.
View the stream at

GOING BLIND mixed media installation describes scenarios of the apocalypse and the empty hyper-consumption of images with its lost meanings in a multi-mediated post-post-modern society.

Mixed Media Installation including 12 surveillance cameras, 6 trees, 1 web interface.

A project by BROCCOLI Art Group
Cym, Evelin Stermitz, Maki Stolberg, Eva Ursprung.

BROCCOLI Art Group for social art happenings has been founded in the year 2003 in Graz (A): Cym (NL/A) net artist and art center host / Evelin Stermitz (A/SLO) media artist and third-wave feminist / Maki Stolberg (A) artist and art researcher / Eva Ursprung (A) media artist, performer, feminist art activist and curator.

GOING BLIND Project Credits
Concept: Evelin Stermitz
Coding: Cym
Video: Eva Ursprung (featuring Bastiaan Maris)
Support: Maki Stolberg

Special credits to Matjaž Jogan (SLO).

Prize of the Jury Crossing Over 2007 Associazione Culturale Ateneo delle Idee.